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Infor SunSystems is a global financial management and accounting solution that has been installed in over 10,000 companies in 190 countries worldwide. With 30 language variants, local support and the unique flexibility to cope with changing business environment and regulations, Sunsystems is the first choice for businesses that need to combine tight financial control with flexible commercial processes.

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The SunSystems Experts

Peter has been working with SunSystems for nearly 18 years, his roles have included Operations Manager and EMEA Support Director.

Peter has longstanding experience in the development, implementation and support of financial solutions.

Why Peter thinks SunSystems is the best on the market:

"It's got to be the flexible chart of accounts and the unrivalled analysis capabilities."

Sam has worked with financial management solutions for 15 years since she started out as a trainee accountant. 10 of those years have been spent working with SunSystems in a support role.

Why Sam thinks SunSystems is a best in breed solution:

"The flexibility of the system and the reporting capabilities due to global analysis and the Infor PM Q&A (Vision) suite."
Faye has worked with financial management solutions for over 15 years, growing her knowledge by moving through support, consultancy and pre-sales roles.

Why Faye thinks SunSystems is the best choice:

"The SunSystems unified ledger and strong analysis enables powerful and flexible reporting, allowing the data to be sliced, diced and represented differently for each business area."

Recent questions answered by our experts

Question: "We need to report by department, but our project managers also need reports to be produced for individual projects, and some projects cut across departments. Will I be able to produce both from a single accounting entity in SunSystems?"

Question: "We report in Sterling but want to account properly for incoming foreign currency transactions. We also need to report in US Dollars to our parent company – how can accommodate all three requirements in one accounting system?"

Question: "I'd like to make real time reports available to budget holders without placing a burden on the finance team to produce them"


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